Tuesday, January 11, 2011

QT/QML CarRace App

This is my first QT/QML app which has been developed for release Purpose.Since i am a game freak, i thought of developing a good game with nice animations and of course QML provided me with rich set of APIs which resulted me in developing a very nice CarRace game(More than a race its car driving game avoiding obstacles and gaining more points).
  The requirement for this game in order to play it on a mobile are as follows.
 1>It could be played on Symbian 3 / Meego  phones
 2> Need to have QT 4.7 installed on it
 3> Qt lab particles is required
 4> Qt mobility 1.1

Some of the features implemented in this game are
    1>Different levels
    2>Scoring system
    3>High score saving
    4>3 car lives
    5>About page
    6>sound/music (qt mobility 1.1 should be installed on phone)
    7>Nice animations :)

Java script has been used in order to write the logic for this App.

Here are some of the Snap shot and have attached a video of this game as well.:){sorry didn't include the sound in this video)

Hopefully will come up with something new and more interesting games/apps next time :)


  1. Cool, Can you share the source code?

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